Saturday, June 11, 2011

Something's Afoot!

The Tampa Tribune editorial today blasts Scott for:
  1. Gutting Florida's growth management laws,
  2. Cutting funding for environmental lands purchases (Florida Forever),
  3. Torpedoing land preservation efforts at the local level,
  4. Being behind disbanding SWFWMD's basin boards,
  5. Being dismissive of the state's natural resources,
  6. Having a more insidious agenda that could include gutting the local sources first law,
  7. May be getting ready to foster another run at creating a statewide water utility so water can be transferred  from the haves of north Florida to the to the have-nots of Miami Beach.
Read it for yourself at:
All I can say at this point is, hitch up your britches and get a good grip on your backside because we're in for rough ride.  There’s just too much smoke billowing from the governor's office not to have some real fire somewhere.
You may be thinking how difficult these times are and, indeed, maybe harsh remedies are in order.  To which I would offer, yes, doubtlessly, BUT, saying we need to risk destroying Florida's future in order to create a better climate for business is idiocy.  It's that Wall Street mentality, get the returns now and screw what the state's future will hold. 
The axing of 30 years of carefully crafted environmental protection and growth management laws is incredibly short sighted and will prove to be disastrous for the state.  Frankly, I fail to see how any of it relates to creating jobs.  There were plenty of jobs through the decades that these laws were in effect, weren’t there?  They didn’t cause the Great Recession, did they?  Clearly, dismantling them isn't going to end it.  Good grief, where's the logic?
Maybe The Trib is right.  Something bad just may be afoot … and it doesn't smell like a bed of roses to me.  How about you?
Got those britches hitched?

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