Friday, September 11, 2015

Rick Scott is creating a chaotic resource management nightmare for this state, with no end in sight

Several months back, Jon Steverson, the Scott-chosen Exec Dir. of NWFWMD was removed and made the Scott-appointed Secretary of DEP.  The resultant empty seat there was just filled by a fellow named Brett Cyphers, the Scott-chosen Assistant ED to Steverson at NWFWMD since 2012.

Recently, the Scott-chosen SJRWMD Exec. Dir., Hans Tanzler, resigned in a huff and was replaced by the earlier Scott-chosen director of the Suwannee River District, Ann Shortelle. 

Just last Thursday, the former Scott-chosen director of SWFWMD, Blake Guillory, who was later chosen by Scott to take over the SFWMD because Scott had Fired the then existing Scott-chosen SFWMD ED, Melissa Meeker, has now been fired because he supported a small but critically needed rise in taxes, and replaced by the Governor’s former legal Counsel, Peter Antonacci. 

You’ll remember he was the lawyer who told the former FDLE guy behind closed doors that all the Cabinet members had secretly agreed he was to be fired, which resulted in a Sunshine Law violation by the governor, Adam Putnam and Pam Bondi, and which was settled without attributing guilt recently for a pile of public tax dollars. 

Antonacci’s resource management experience would measure at less than zero, were that even possible.

Now if you were a a voting member of such a large state as this, and your CEO was making such, frankly, dumbass decisions like putting his incompetent friends and political supporters in and out of management positions of agencies critically important for the safety and welfare of millions of Florida residents and a globally unique natural environment with such chaotic frequency that it was resulting in the obvious decay of the ability of those agencies to do their jobs, wouldn’t you assume he was so incompetent that getting rid of him would be central to the survival of the state?

Do you think Scott knows and, if so, does he care what he’s doing to Florida?  The frightening thing for me is this. I believe he does know what he’s doing to this state and he truly doesn’t care.  This was his game plan from the beginning.  And he's not through.


Water district chief out, replaced by Scott’s ex-general counsel



  1. And add to your list, Noah Valenstein, the new ED for SRWMD as of last Tuesday's BOD meeting... from the Gainesville Sun: In his resume, Valenstein wrote that he now “oversees the budgets and significant policy decisions for all of the water management districts and five state agencies, including the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Department of Environmental Protection and the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.”

  2. Of course Gov. Scott planned this all along. If he incurs fines, he can pay them out of petty cash. Who voted for this guy?

  3. He knows exactly what he's doing and has been methodically going about his business, changing laws and putting cronies in place throughout the state. He stands to make a lot of $$ from all this manipulation and our state will pay for his actions for a very long time. I'm sure much of what he's done we won't know the full extent of for years.