Monday, August 17, 2015

Who's the real socialist here?

A friend of mine who was a U. S. Marine Corps career officer, Vietnam war vet, helicopter pilot, fighter pilot, and Squadron and Group commander with the rank of Colonel at retirement is a very insightful man who shares his thoughts from time to time with others.  Consider his take on the idea that, "Democrats enjoy giving other people's money away."

It is so gratifying to realize there is still some good sense in this world that otherwise seems to have so little.

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Dear MP,

Your premise that Democrats enjoy taking the money of other people is seriously flawed. This is because Democrats recognize the fact that we are a society.  Those who benefit most from our society owe the most to society.  Please consider an example of just who it is taking the money of others. 

Image result for photos of mcdonaldsThe CEO of McDonalds makes $4,000.00 per hour.  He would not be receiving this remarkable wage rate if all the little people employees of McDonalds were not doing their jobs.  He also would not be fairing so well if his business was in the societies of Cuba or North Korea.  His employees and our society allow him to make more in one day than many make in one year.  Further, a recent study/analysis of raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour would mean the cost of a $3.99 McDonalds'  burger would have to be raised to $4.17! 

Then consider, because he won't pay a living wage to his "little people" they require government subsidies that become an added burden on the U. S. tax payers.  So, the $4000 per hour CEO is taking the money of the taxpaying public to enrich himself. 

What would happen if he were to voluntarily raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour.  Please consider that the price of his burger would go up a whopping 18 cents.  His employees would no longer require government subsidies.  The tax burden they once represented would disappear.  The deficit would be reduced.  They would spend the money they make.  The infusion of money would improve the economy.  The improved economy would cause the jobless rate to go down.  This would further reduce the burden on U. S. taxpayers and serve to further reduce the deficit.  Surely you would not object to this scenario. 

As GHW Bush so rightly claimed, the Reagan trickle down economics you mindlessly support is "Voodoo Economics."  It has had a devastating effect on our economy and our society in general. 

Semper Fi  


  1. It doesn't take much to impress people these days. In addition to the points made I would add that McDonalds, like many others, go OUTSIDE the U.S for many of the inputs such as machinery, uniforms, and foodstuffs, probably because other countries care even LESS about safety or human rights. That being said I would argue that setting a goal of $15 is the archer's dilemma. Even if he hits what he is aiming for, it lowering expectations. Sure he'll hit it, now what? We have a bunch of uneducated $15/hr FAST FOOD WORKERS> With this effort, why not look at the Dept of Economic Opportunity and the Dept of Education and ask why the best they can do is train childcare workers, and the occasional electrician or pipefitter. Where are the apprenticeships for solar installers? Or innovative systems for rainwater recovery? Or cool roofs, and alternative energy management- right.