Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rick Scott leadership? Can you spell intimidation and retribution?

A reporter commented recently that many folks she speaks with in state government today seem overly afraid of talking to her on the record:

Sandspur's response:
Rick Scott leads, if it can be called that, by overt threat, intimidation and retribution.  In my 40 years of dealing with Tallahassee leadership, both legislative and gubernatorial, I have never sensed such a toxic atmosphere for state workers and those who must depend on the good will of that elected leadership to make a living in the honorable pursuit of public service.  Most are simply afraid their livelihoods and careers will be destroyed if they just say a certain word or appear to be even nanoscopically resistant.  It has become the worst form of a people’s government. 


The objective of today’s political leadership is solely focused on amassing obscene amounts of PAC money in order to purchase Party power in exchange for control of all political decision making and perpetuation of that power.  The “State’s interests” and Public Interests” (which to me are indistinguishable) have been driven from the field and are no longer motivating factors.  The givers of that PAC money (multiple special interests) are now the blatantly arrogant owners of Florida’s bobbing-headed representatives, not the will of The People.         -Sandspur (on the record)

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