Thursday, May 21, 2015

SWFWMD Governing Board members give Hernando BOCC and City of Brooksville 60-day reprieve

SWFWMD gives 60 day reprieve from moving SWFWMD from Brooksville to Tampa, but minds are clearly made up. 
Board members cynically claim there will be no further economic impact upon Hernando County and the City of Brooksville without pointing out that it's because most personnel have already been relocated and the damage already done.  
Hernando's bowing its neck.  Says impact will be harmful and long-lasting just as the county struggles to recover from the Recession. 
Senator Simpson says he is against the move.  He objects, telling governing board members SWFWMD needs to give the legislative process a chance to work.  Implication is, if not, there may be legislative consequences.  In a news release, Both Senator Simpson and Representative Blaise Ingoglia have registered their objections to SWFWMD's governing board action. 

Watch the discussion on YouTube  HERE.

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  1. The governing board at SWFWMD knows how to read a calendar. This year's state legislative session will be over by the time the 60 day reprieve is over. Then they will do as they like. The board members don't live in Hernando County, and they don't show up for work five days a week. They will vote for their own comfort over that of the employees.