Saturday, November 1, 2014

Do not vote for Rick Scott

You should not vote for Rick Scott because he spoke the truth when he said he is not a scientist.  No, even though that statement is one of the few truths we’ve heard from CEO Scott in his almost four years of occupation of Tallahassee, we should not vote for him because it is true.  In fact you need to say loudly you will not vote for him, because this truth is highly suspect, as most of his pronouncements are, thickly underlain with obfuscation and deceit. 
This use of truth to mislead and fraud the minds of Florida’s public is characteristic of the man, a leadership style that directs without direction, a man in a dimly lit wheelhouse aimlessly turning the helm of his self-financed state vessel, dumbly looking for fair winds and a following sea in a monsoon of public ire and dissatisfaction, all the while speaking truths as if they were edicts of wisdom from Zarathustra and denying their injurious nature to our fair State. 
No, we should not, must not, vote for this shill of a man who has given away our children’s future to narrow focused special interests, the highest bidders for his enabling decrees so damaging to natural Florida.
He has done lasting, perhaps permanent damage to the very things that define Florida as Florida, all the while claiming against plain truth and human intelligence that what he is doing is The People’s will.  He destroyed the state’s ability to protect its natural systems and claimed it was needed to foster economic development when no study declared it was a rational path to forge; and even when a history of record-setting posterity under stiff environmental regulation offered prima facie evidence it was not. 
We must vote against another four years of this man’s shameless anti-Florida, anti-public, pro-special interest deceitfulness.  By destroying Florida’s capacity to plan for its future, he destroyed our State’s ability to determine its own fate, to determine how we as residents want it to look and function for our progeny, and has given it over to the vicious, unsympathetic control of shareholder-owned corporations whose only interest is profit; profit now, and as much as possible, even if it incurs the most cynical forms of abuse and destruction of our natural resources.

Under a sulphurous cloud of cynicism, deceit and subterfuge, he now hangs on to a poisonous political strength transfused by impossible promises of money to repair the very environmental rot he so enthusiastically fostered over the last three years.
No, you must not vote for Rick Scott.  You must exercise your right to take this ugliness from our midst, from our lives and from our children’s future.
And, yes, you must vote for Amendment 1 to change Florida’s Constitution and by doing so, look the tea-party destroyers of our State straight in their Norquist-jaded eyes and demand adequate, dependable funding be generated to repair the mounting environmental neglect they have fostered.
Go.  Now.

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