Monday, May 19, 2014

DEP Secretary Vinyard removes John Moran's Greeways and Trails photos from agency website

Hard hitting editor of Gainesville Sun, Nathan Crabbe, tells it like it is. Rick Scott and DEP Secretary, Herschel Vinyard, are now trying to silence criticism instead of doing the right thing. Read, please,  Crabbe's editorial here:

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  1. Sonny; Propaganda 101 says to either saturate the public with whatever favors your position and remove that which does not. Scott has gotten a bit smarter and isn't as clumsy at it as his first few years, but his regime contunues to pursue every means to eliminate what they feel are deterents to economic growth, the regulation of the environment being one of them. The recent pursuit by SWFWMD to get delegation of USACE wetland permitting is another blatant act of the developer friendly Governing Board trying to remove the last impediment to their quest of having total control of the employees that regulate our water resources. They have intimidated the staff into submission by hiring executive level staff without interviews and use the lure of high salaries to crry out their business interests, not the mission of the WMDs. Carlos Beruff and Randy Maggard and the rest of the silent sheep board members just keep micromanaging the agency into irrelevance. Talk about mission creep. It's been 4 years now and what has this administration done in "Getting the Water Right"? Give the WMD's the USACE wetland permitting and look out.