Thursday, August 23, 2012

Contrary to any hopes to the contrary, Sandspur has not fallen down a rabbit hole

For those of you who might hope Sandspur has gone silent, be not so encouraged.  I have merely become distracted by my muscadine grape operation and trying to help the City of Brooksville return to a somewhat sustainable economy. 
The Terminator, determined
For those of you who might hope I’ll soon be back (which I know is a wild assumption), I plan to return to the business of bugling to the digital winds all that is fast becoming a disaster wrought by the reign of chief-private-sector-CEO-and-ersatz-governor of our Great State of Florida, Rick Scott, shortly.

Gen. MacArthur  returns
Sans pipe and khakis but otherwise as determined as Gen. MacArthur and as inevitable as the Terminator, I’ll be back … soon.

... Isaac notwithstanding.


  1. Sonny - Come back soon, we miss you!

  2. Susan Morgan Hoth
    Get rid of public employees and watch the unemployment numbers rise. Is this a tactic? Watch the water and public land taken over by developers with no pollution restrictions> Is this another tactic? And treating hard working environmentalists like peons? Is THIS at tactic? Yes, yes, yes, and above all, Yes.

  3. When will people (the fools)relize that shrinking govt means the fall of the middle class? Guess who works for the govt. protecting the planet and all the damned politicians. THE MIDDLE CLASS.