Sunday, April 15, 2012

Begin Now to Prevent Another Tallahassee Disaster

Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, if you care for natural Florida it is critically  important that you do what you can to prevent what happened in the last two legislative sessions from happening again. 

During those two very brief 60-day periods, over 35 years of carefully crafted laws relating to controlling irresponsible growth and protecting Florida’s fragile natural resources were decimated. 
Former Governor Bob Graham, a Democrat, and Former State Senator Lee Constantine, a Republican, described the 2012 legislative session as the worst session for the environment in modern Florida history.
Mercifully, those sessions have ended but the onslaught will continue unless more rational, thinking, people with more than just reelection in mind can be brought into the fray.
We need our leaders to be more focused upon the Florida’s future as it relates to quality of life - economic as well as environmental - and not just short term political maneuvering that benefits only certain special interests.
We need strong-willed, savvy people in Tallahassee who will not only say the words but fight the fight against the irrational rhetoric of the far right as well as the far left and have the fortitude to stand tall for what’s truly right for Florida. 
In my opinion, Nancy Argenziano is one of those persons.  She has proven her mettle and her dedication to simply doing the right thing for Florida and its residents.  Simply put, she is the kind of person critically needed to bring environmental and economic responsibility back to Tallahassee.
In order to give her at least a chance, she needs to first get her name on the ballot.  Even if you do not live in her district, you can help her get there by signing a petition card on her behalf.
This does not mean you are voting for her.  It only means you want her on the ballot so she can begin to fight the fight for natural Florida and a sustainable economic future for this state.
During a redistricting year, petition cards can be signed by any registered voter in any county, and any party, or no party.  I am asking you to help make sure she gets enough cards to qualify and get her name on the ballot.   BUT, there is a very narrow window within which the cards have to be collected and submitted.  She must have them in and qualified by May 6, which means we need to get them to her even earlier so they can be “qualified.”
You will find the petition form - a simple card - HERE (or at: .
Please print out the form and mail – now - to
Nancy Argenziano Campaign
88 Oak Village Blvd South
Homosassa, Fl, 34446
Again, this is not a vote for anyone.  It’s simply to allow her to enter the fray and begin the fight to bring environmental and economic responsibility back to Tallahassee. 

I’m putting mine in the mail today.

Thank you for stepping up!

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