Saturday, December 3, 2011

Florida Conservation Coalition – New Game In T-Town

CEO-governor Scott, not at all conspicuous by his absence, was nowhere in sight.  Nor was the Senate budget czar, J. D. Alexander or other minions of any stripe who leach their living from the soul of Tallahassee. For sure, however, while they fretted behind shuttered blinds lest they be confused as members of the group, they had eyes on what was going down.
Former Governor Bob Graham
Roll Out of Florida Conservation Coalition, Tallhassee, Fla.
November 30, 2011

What was going down will soon likely give them cause to reconsider their client bases because it is only a matter of time before the 800-pound special-interest gorilla they’ve lulled to sleep - euphemistically known as The People - is about to be wakened.
Gathered on the steps of the old Capitol Building to mark the “roll out” of a new non-partisan organization called The Florida Conservation Coalition, speakers left no doubt that it intends to be a voice for those who know that a strong flourishing economy cannot be sustained without a strong viable environment.  
Despite the cold wind and the cold shoulder by the T-Town elite, former governor and U. S. Senator Bob Graham hit hard the recent emasculation of growth management and resource protection laws wrought by an errant legislature and misguided governor.  He painted a dark path to a place of 50 years ago when there was no environmental conscience and Florida was for sale to the highest bidder. He said the wrongs of the past legislative session must be corrected or we'll be repeating history.   
He closed with olive branch in hand and offered to help the CEO-governor carry out his promised commitments (see Scott’s op-ed letter HERE ) and to do something the ill-advised naive governor and CEO-of-hospital-buying and expert of Medicare billing-codes has not been doing … lead.
See the Sunshine News YouTube video clip of Bob Graham’s remarks HERE
Join and support the Florida Conservation Coalition
If your concern about what’s going on have you shaking your head in disbelief and frustration and you want to learn more about how 40 years of very carefully developed laws and environmental protections were dismantled in 60 days last spring, you need to visit the organization’s website at
I encourage you to add the site to your “favorites” list and visit it often because as this group builds strength, you’ll want to be part of it.  The legislature will be back in January and they must know that the biggest and strongest special interest in this state, i.e., all of you who know that the future of this state hangs in the balance, is watching and is ready to take action.
Finally, it should be noted that county commissions are beginning to wake up to the changes in water legislation that is moving the control of water to Tallahassee and potentially causing it to become a commodity to be sold to the highest bidder. 
Farmers, in particular, who mistakenly believe weakening the water management districts serves their interests are going to feel like they’ve been tasered when they find themselves having to pay for water on top of what they now pay for pumping and piping.
The FCC website has a number of video and media reports on the “roll out.”
The Florida Conservation Coalition is to be watched.  It’s going to be heard.  It’s non-partisan, and it’s going bring reason back to proper management of growth and natural resource protection in this state.
Doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican. If you care about Florida’s future quality of life in terms of a healthy environment and a thriving economy, this group is going to give you voice.


  1. It is hard to understand how someone with Rick Scott's background could garner the support of a major political party, much less be elected by the people who could check out his history before casting a vote.

    There is no free lunch but, in Florida at least, the majority of voters still thought so in the last election.

  2. Hope all is well. After reading your email this morning, I have signed up to join you and the others in the coalition. I am available to assist in any manner that I can to help restore sanity and get our State of Florida back on track. The future of Florida is at stake. Please advise if there is anything further that I can do. Thank you for all your efforts to help make this happen.

  3. Good work Sonny. Please keep it up. SF BobW

  4. To Anonymous #1. Actually his real name is "Professor Harold Hill, and he's here to organize a River City Boys Band"
    If you believe a single thing he says or does then I know of a very nice bridge in New York City that is for sale to you.
    He is a flim flam man who hoodwinked all the gullible people who voted for him. My question is, will those same people make the same mistake again in 3 years?