Thursday, September 10, 2015

Crystal River, Florida
2015-08-21 (26)
The WMD’s have become a sham.  The only reason the governing boards exist is to keep the tax levy, or what’s left of it, intact.  Water management is now an ingrained part of the Tallahassee political hierarchy and has little, very little, to do with responsible resource management.



  1. Heads at the top are rolling at the South Florida Water Management District over a millage rate reduction controversy. What qualifications does the new executive director have? Does this mean that SWFWMD is next?

    1. I have zero confidence that anyone competent in anything other than Scott's political agenda is going to be hired. To be considered, only those sworn to uphold his model of wholesale deregulation and defunding environmental protection, and serving special interests will be considered. Anyone else, hired by mistake, will be immediately incinerated.

  2. One must assume that all puppets, I mean, Executive Directors are being told to cut staff like Guillery was at SFWMD. So should the staffs at all WMD's be worried, again? The good news relating to Gulliery being ousted is that no-one will miss his leadership abilities, as he had none. This unfortunately is the state of the WMDs and I expect it will get worst as Scott destroys as much of the agencies as he posibly can before he leaves office. The number of staff, at least at SWFWMD, that are leaving or activily looking for other empoyment is the highest its ever been. Incredibly unfortunate.