Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Brian Armstrong - New SWFWMD Assistant ED

Sources who wish to stay anonymous are saying Brian Armstrong has been offered and has accepted the position of Assistant Executive Director at the Southwest Florida Water Management District.  Good luck Brian.  Hope you can return the organization to operating on the basis of science instead of the politics of Rick Scott and the sale of Florida to the highest bidders.

A note of concern.  Remember when the DEP Tampa Office minions of Herschel Vinyard and Jeff Littlejohn herded all employees of that office into a hastily called meeting and told them they were to remove all their personal belongings to their cars and take them home because the next day some of them would be fired?  Horrible way to treat a dedicated staff, yes?  Brian was a newly appointed assistant to the executioner, Mary Yeargan when that happened.  Question is, what role did he play  and what part of that experience will he bring back to his former employer and its already demoralized staff at SWFWMD?  Time will tell, Brian.

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  1. Brian was a good guy when I knew him at the District, hopefully he hasn't drank too much of the Scott Kool-aid. He also needs to send Doug Manson a thank you card.