Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Legislature returning Florida to the pre-1970's:Unconstrained growth and no vision for the future

Florida legacy at risk
My general impression of this legislative session is that there has never been such blatant servitude to moneyed interests and self interests.  Despite a growing discomfort by Joe and Jane Public, Tallahassee seems driven to dismantle all the carefully and thoughtfully constructed protections that were generated on behalf of this state's natural wellbeing by a lot of very bright people.  It seems to be their mission, their instructions, if you will, to return us to the pre-1970's when we first began to understand that rampant, visionless economic growth had an ugly, self-destructive downside.  While we need and want economic growth, if left to its own devices, it will destroy the very things that make it possible.  This and recent legislatures have lost all the painful lessons that were learned over the years and it is my sense that we are doomed to learn those lessons all over again - only this time desirable outcomes will be exponentially more difficult and costly to achieve.  In some cases it may already be too late and Florida’s unique natural character, as we have known it, may already be headed for extinction.

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