Monday, April 22, 2013

Florida Conservation Coalition Alert; Read and heed, lest frustration and anger bring darkness to your heart

Please read this carefully and let your outrage move you to action.  Go ahead.  It’ll be healthy for your psyche and for the future of Florida.  But you must make the calls and send the emails quickly, lest frustration and anger bring darkness to your heart.
Here’s the “alert” in full:
Dear FCC Members,

This alert is for all who care about Florida's environment and believe we elect our Representatives and Senators who to go to Tallahassee should fight for our interests, not sell out to the highest bidder. If you are insulted by legislation that panders to special interests, such as Senate Bill 1684 and its twin, House Bill 999, read on, for these are the worst examples of legislation that you will see.
These bills do not represent the public interest; they are for the fortunate few who can afford lobbyists to do their bidding.  Line by line, and dollar for dollar, these bills were written for those who wish to exploit our environment for personal gain.
Consider the section of the bill that nullifies a lawsuit by a conservation organization that rightfully argues that 30 year (more than a generation), no-bid leases of public land in the Everglades to the sugar industry is not in the interest of restoring the Everglades. What kind of message does this send to those who care about restoring the Glades? And what message does it send to those who believe they can tarnish our natural wonders with impunity?
Consider the section that prohibits local governments from enforcing wetland regulations in water control districts. There are scores of these districts scattered across Florida - comprising over a hundred thousand acres – which were initially permitted as long as fifty years ago and now believe they should be exempt from any further regulations. Should the legislature keep on stomping our local governments for trying to protect the environment, exercise their authority to govern and speak for their local constituents? Should companies with powerful lobbyists be able to degrade wetlands and waters from South Florida to the Panhandle?   Maybe some of our legislators should attend city and county commission meetings more often, and listen to people’s concerns about the environment that surrounds them and their quality of life.
Now, there is a 6 page amendment ready for the House floor vote on Tuesday that would preempt local governments from enacting restrictions on fertilizers; as our springs, rivers, lakes, and all the plants and wildlife that depend on them, choke on algae. Do you want this legislature taking over our local governments so fertilizer companies can protect their profits at the expense of our waters?
This is not all. These bills have many more parts, all of which are part of the special interest Christmas tree/train/smorgasbord bills that fail even the most basic tests for decent legislation in the public interest.
If you have higher principles call or email Senator Altman (850-487-5016)and Representative Patronis (850-717-5006) and write an email to the members of the Senate Appropriations Committee ...........................tell them that "we the people count too,”

Please act now.  Make those calls and emails.

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