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Published: May 27, 2011
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Swiftmud chief resigns after 8 years

By Neil Johnson

Dave Moore, executive director of the Southwest Florida Water Management District, resigned Thursday after eight years as head of the agency.
Moore, appointed to run the district in March 2003, gave no reason for quitting in his resignation letter to Paul Senft, the district's governing board chairman.
He said he will continue working as executive director through the search for a replacement.
"If they want me to stay until the new executive director comes on, that's going to be the call of the board," he said.
Moore said he has no specific plans or job lined up after he leaves the district but intends to take several months off before searching for a new job.
"I have no firm commitment at this time. I don't know what I'm going to do," he said.
His resignation comes as state-mandated millage reductions and shrinking property values resulted in a 33 percent cut in ad valorem revenue for the district in next year's budget.
The district's governing board will pick Moore's replacement, who will need approval by the governor and confirmation by the Senate.
The Senate confirms the state's five water management directors every four years. Moore was up for confirmation in the 2012 legislative session.
"That did not have anything to do with my resignation," Moore said.
Hugh Gramling, the board's vice chairman, said he expects the board will hear from the governor and state Department of Environmental Protection about Moore's replacement, especially if the board picks a leading candidate.
"The DEP has been given responsibility for water management districts. I suspect they will have a good deal of input. If we decide to hire someone, it doesn't count until the governor gives his blessing," said Gramling, of Plant City.
Gramling, the Tampa Bay Wholesale Growers Association executive director, said he did not believe there was pressure for Moore to resign.
Moore said he felt it was time to leave a high-profile position after eight years. "It was my decision and my decision solely," he said.
"If I was two years into this position, I wouldn't be making this decision. The longer you're in this position, the closer you are to making this decision," Moore said.
"I'm ready to move on to the next phase of my life," he said.

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